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My Turn: No one wants inhumane breeders to flourish. But puppy mill ordinances have unintended consequences that make matters worse.

Animal welfare is a philosophy that promotes stewardship of species and individual animals. Many of us practice this philosophy day in

Infectious disease outbreaks often make headlines when they affect humans-think Zika virus-but it is not often that animal disease outbreaks make it above the fold assuming they make news at all. The current and past avian influenza outbreaks in the United States are a great example.  USDA summarized the outbreak in a report titled, “

A new bill in Kansas would amend the Kansas pet animal ac, adding licensing and other requirements for  animal rescue networks and pet animal foster homes.

House Bill No 2514, introduced during the Session of 2016 defines “rescue network,” “rescue network manager,” and “pet animal foster home” as:

“Rescue network” means the premises of

A few states have recently taken significant steps to regulate retail rescue and shelter operations, recognizing the health risks resulting from the importation of large numbers of pets from unknown and random sources.

Georgia just published clarifications of its existing rules that will permit it to more comprehensively license, regulate, and control the “re-homing” of

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Humane relocation, dog trafficking, the “Puppy Pipeline” — whatever you call it, the practice is still relatively unknown outside of the organized animal community and to a lesser extent, law enforcement and media circles. In case you are scratching your

According to the Courier-Post, Camden County, New Jersey, appears to be on the brink of adopting a resolution to ban pet store sales of purebred and specially bred dogs and cats bred, raised and sold by Class A licensed breeders or those exempt from licensure by USDA (Hobby Breeders).  Pet stores would only be

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PORTLAND, Ore., July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The number of dogs entering US shelters has reached an all-time low, and the number of purebred dogs found in shelters has dropped to about 5%, according to a study just released by the National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA), an advocacy

Indiana state legislators asked their state Attorney General to investigate the Humane Society of the United States, “accus[ing] the group of deceptive fundraising practices, saying its advertisements mislead Hoosiers into believing that donations will benefit abandoned pets at local humane society shelters, which are not affiliated with the national group,” as reported on

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Ron and I had more responses to our articles on irreputable rescues and shelters and the excessive transportation of dogs across state lines, than we had anticipated.