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If you are trying to navigate the space where hemp products intersects with animal products, it can be unclear as to which authority to turn to for guidance. In the
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Well known animal rights activist, New York Assemblymember L. Rosenthal, has introduced a bill that seemingly runs afoul of federal law, that among other permissible shipments, allows the shipment of
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There have been two of the three scheduled listening sessions offered by APHIS seeking comments on regulations regarding the welfare of birds not bred for use in research.  A specific
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Care provided to chimpanzees at Project Chimps, a sanctuary for chimpanzees located in Georgia, has come under fire by “[m]ore than 20 former staffers and volunteers,” as reported by Rachel
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by Matthew R. Bailey Originally Published 6:30 a.m. ET April 17, 2020 | Updated 7:06 a.m. ET April 17, 2020

Scientists are working on dozens of potential treatments and vaccines

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