Dairy farmers, and other food animal producers, should be ever-vigilant in their use of medications to treat their herds and flocks, otherwise they may be at risk of violating certain federal laws.  Following through with its promise to increase its enforcement activities, FDA has already issued more warning letters to

Legislators plan to re-introduce Moose’s Law in New Jersey’s new legislative session, despite Governor Christie’s pocket veto of the bill.  The law would prohibit anyone from working with animals in New Jersey, unless the Department of Health (“DOH”) certifies that each employee (volunteer or paid) never violated any part of New Jersey’s animal cruelty statute,

Pet treats, in the form of dried meat jerky, have been sickening and killing pets (mostly dogs) since 2007, and FDA has just mounted a campaign to garner public support to identify the causative agent so they can stop these unfortunate events.  (See Why are jerky treats making pets sick).   All pet owners, veterinarians,

Municipalities in New Jersey are required by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to adopt and enforce local pet-waste laws.  At a minimum, each community must require that “pet owners or their keepers immediately and properly dispose of their pet’s solid waste deposited on any public or private property not owned or possessed by that