Attorneys arguing on behalf of the Nonhuman Rights Project (NRP), are attempting to free four chimpanzees from “captivity” in New York (well, actually, just changing the location of their captivity).  If the courts buy into at least one of their arguments, for example, that since the chimps were named as beneficiaries under New York’s Pet

A new proposed law in New Jersey, Assemby Bill No. 1717, would make “assault by animal” a crime when a person purposely uses an animal to intimidate or put another person in fear of bodily injury.  Most people would think this is a good law.  However, the bill may unintentionally criminalize the use of guard

Municipalities in New Jersey are required by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection to adopt and enforce local pet-waste laws.  At a minimum, each community must require that “pet owners or their keepers immediately and properly dispose of their pet’s solid waste deposited on any public or private property not owned or possessed by that