A recent review by Jeffrey W. Pompeo of New Jersey’s pet trust law was published in the New Jersey Law Journal, describing some of the deficiencies of the existing law.  Amendments to that law were introduced by Assemblyman Burzichelli amending the New Jersey Pet Trust Statute, A-3860.

The pet trust statute is being amended

As previously described, New Jersey’s Pet Trust statute should be amended to better define those animals who can be cared for by the provisions created in the trust.  Specifically, the term “domestic” should replace “domesticated” in the statute, and the terms “domestic” and “pet” should be defined.  The definitions of “animal” “domestic” “domesticated” and

The “Pet Trust statute” in New Jersey, first enacted in 2001, should be amended to reflect current concerns and those which are reasonably foreseeable so that pet owners’ intentions can be honored for the care of their pets when they are no longer able to provide that care.  These amendments include: deleting the current 21