Animal Abuse Registries

Just a quick update about some recent blogs describing proposed bills in New Jersey.

Governor Christie pulled the plug on the NJSPCA signing S3558 into law which removes the association’s law enforcement authority.

Nosey’s bill (S2508), which would have threatened the continued existence of zoos and  other educational  facilities in New Jersey, based on

Moose’s Law, currently A308, prohibits persons convicted of criminal animal cruelty offenses from owning domestic companion animals and from working or volunteering at animal related enterprises, continues to suffer flaws that must be corrected to avoid constitutional violations and unintended consequences.

The amendments to this bill attempt to limit its provisions to conduct constituting

Assemblyman Singleton now has 2 animal abuse registries that are moving through the legislative process in New Jersey.

A3421, introduced on March 7, 2016 would require that the establishment of an animal abuse registry on the Department of Health’s website where the following information would be listed:

the full legal name of any person who

In New Jersey  another bill (A3645) was introduced that would amend the state animal cruelty laws and the pet protection act.

This bill would have dramatic effects on kennels, pet shops, shelters, and pounds. Those entities, licensed by local municipalities, and inspected by local health departments, would be considered guilty of and liable

On January 1, 2016 Tennessee, the first state to adopt an animal abuse registry, went live with it registry.  As of January 13, 2016, the state reports that “[a]t this time, no individuals meet the legal requirement for inclusion on the registry.”

Theoretically then, the registry will only include the names of alleged abusers who