Federal Preemption

Well known animal rights activist, New York Assemblymember L. Rosenthal, has introduced a bill that seemingly runs afoul of federal law, that among other permissible shipments, allows the shipment of
Continue Reading New York Legislator’s bill would ban federally legal shipment of certain animals by US Postal Service is likely preempted by federal law.

The interstate pet market has been targeted for decades by NGO’s intent on eliminating purposely-bred pets and replacing them with randomly-sourced and irresponsibly-bred pets sold through rescue and shelter channels.
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Conservation Force, a “non-profit 501(c)(3) public foundation formed to conserve wildlife and wild places,” along with several individuals and the Garden State Taxidermist Association, filed a lawsuit against the New
Continue Reading Lawsuit challenges New Jersey laws banning possession, importation, and export of certain game animal parts and products.