As mentioned in Part 1 of this blog, a district court in Kentucky recently dismissed the appeal brought by Maximum Security’s owners to overturn his first place disqualification in the 2019 Kentucky Derby. Part I of this blog explained the court’s dismissal of the Wests’ state law claims.

The court also dismissed Plaintiffs’ due

Horses in New Jersey are highly regarded.  When designating the horse as New Jersey’s state animal in 1977 Governor Bryne said: “The founding fathers of our state thought so highly of the horse that they included it in our state seal.”

In New Jersey, as specified in the Humane Standards, equine rescue operations

At the request of New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA), New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station (NJAES), and New Jersey Farm Bureau, State legislators adopted a law in 1996 “which directs the Department of Agriculture—in consultation with the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station—to adopt ‘standards for the humane raising, keeping, care, treatment, marketing, and sale

As previously described, Equine Herpes Virus (Myeloencephalopathy) (EHM) can be devastating to horses exposed, especially when an outbreak occurs in stables or equestrian events where large numbers of horses are present.

State and Federal Animal Health Officials have been responding to these events, imposing quarantines when warranted, and requiring daily examinations and testing to

I attended the 22nd Annual Animal Veterinary Medical Law Association’s Continuing Education Convention, as a speaker, in Boston this past week-end.  This is always a fascinating meeting where veterinarians, attorneys, and those with both degrees (or in training) meet to discuss the latest developments in the field of animal law that impacts the veterinary profession.

The Fifth Circuit rejected, on constitutional grounds, USDA’s attempts to impose mandatory lifelong penalties against alleged violators of the Horse Protection Act, specifically against individuals who are accused of soring the legs of Tennessee Walking horses.  See Contender Farms, LLP v. USDA, Case No. 13-11052, slip opinion (5th Cir. February 19, 2015).

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Christina Hansen, a carriage driver in New York City spoke at the annual meeting of the National Animal Interest Alliance, in November, 2014, presenting the current status of the drivers, their horses, and the incredible public support they have received for the preservation of their businesses, following Mayor de Blasio’s promises to shutter their stables,

People concerned about the ebola quarantines of health workers returning from Africa might be interested in how quarantines issued during animal disease outbreaks have helped save lives.

In 2006, while I was the N.J. State Veterinarian, two seemingly healthy asymptomatic horses were transported to Monmouth Park, a racetrack in New Jersey, from Canada.

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