Since its passage in the Senate, there has not been much action with the Assembly version of S63.

However, as recently reported by Andrew George on njbiz.com

“Lesniak says he’s
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The Virginia Department of Agriculture Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has amended its Rules and Regulations Pertaining to a Pound or Enclosure to Be Maintained by Each County or
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Conservation Force, a “non-profit 501(c)(3) public foundation formed to conserve wildlife and wild places,” along with several individuals and the Garden State Taxidermist Association, filed a lawsuit against the New
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It looks like voters in Massachusetts will soon be casting their ballots to decide whether to support or reject “a new law that would prohibit (1) confinement of egg- laying
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The AKC has requested that the Honorable Paul A. Sarlo, Chair of New Jersey’s Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee, and the rest of the members of that committee, take no
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