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Senate, No. 2625, a bill introduced into the New Jersey Senate on December 8, 2014 by Senator Stephen M. Sweeney, is a good attempt at tracking the movement of dogs and cats into New Jersey through rescue channels, as well as traditional sales.  There may be individuals worried that this Bill requires anyone purchasing a

Legislators plan to re-introduce Moose’s Law in New Jersey’s new legislative session, despite Governor Christie’s pocket veto of the bill.  The law would prohibit anyone from working with animals in New Jersey, unless the Department of Health (“DOH”) certifies that each employee (volunteer or paid) never violated any part of New Jersey’s animal cruelty statute,

Dog owners should be aware of a study performed by MGA Research Corporation, a nationally certified testing facility, which tested 11 different dog harnesses for safety and efficacy.  Testing was funded by the Center for Pet Safety, which published the results on its website.

Keeping in mind that there are no approved standards for

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With an increase in the number of “service dogs” traveling with their human companion on airplanes, sufficient measures should be in place to insure that these dogs are protected from the inadvertent spread of infectious, contagious diseases and parasites from other subclincally infected canine passengers.  Also, sufficient training

Animal cruelty laws in New Jerseyare due for a check-up, better, a complete overhaul. The original statute, adopted nearly 150 years ago, was intended to protect animals, mostly horses, against abuses at a time when horses were relied on for transportation and field work.  At least two recent New Jersey State-directed investigations have concluded that